Vintage 60's Makeup

The mod look, as it was called, was comprised of thick eyelashes, eye liner, layered eye shadow, and a nude lip. This look is still seen and is still worn today in various ways on celebrities and the average woman.
This should be a natural look. Apply concealer on parts you want to cover up and, if you must, use sheerfoundation all over your face, but apply sparingly. You can add blush, but it's not essential to this look. Make sure to use a pale color, such as baby pink or light peach.
Put a neutral color of eyeshadow on your eyelid. Then take a dark color, such as brown, black, or gray, and sweep it across the part of your eyelid where your eye meets the bone. Take a brown or black eyeliner; a pencil or liquid will do. Start either on the inner or outer corner of the eye. Create a thick line (but not too thick) and make the corners go slightly up and away from your eye. You can then attachfalse eyelashes or just apply a few coats of mascara thickly on the top and bottom lashes. If you want a simple look, then cut a third of the top fake lashes off and attach them to the outer corner. Remember to add mascara after you apply lashes.
If your lips are very pink, then put some concealer over them to make them more pale. Then apply a pale pink, peach, or clear gloss. You can define your lips more if you wish by using a lip pencil. This can be white, flesh-colored, or the same color as your lip gloss.

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