About INGLOT comsetics

Yesterday i was in Vilnius and was wandering around one of the shopping malls - Ozas gallery  - and found cosmetics company that i did not new about. 


Lots of cosmetic had shiny texture and i actually did not like- but i bought 4 star powders colors is amazing ( i put a pic below) - i know them as star  powders ( they are shiny) - but on package was written pure pigments- will try to work with them soon and will write what i think about them.  The prices there is not very high. one star powder cost 10 $ 

by the way when i was already leaving the shop - i saw that they have a line of products for making black lips- like black lipstick, black lip liner, black cream for lips and something else. 

I found that very cool.

If some one have information about this cosmetic and the quality- please feel free to leave feedback :)

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