Some More Ideas For 2011 Spring/Summer

Natural makeup

Choosing to create a light and natural makeup can be the greatest and easiest option you have as naturalness has become highly praised since the past couple of seasons. Everyone knows that natural beauty cannot be topped and that this type of beauty cannot be created using makeup so why not try to subtly underline your best facial features. 

Use a foundation to create a flawless looking skin, enhance your eyes using mascara, apply a small amount of blush on your cheekbones to emphasize them and optionally apply a clear lip gloss on your lips to make them stand out. 
This type of makeup is perfect for any daytime occasion and matches absolutely everyone!

Bold lip makeup


Most people consider the lips to be the most attractive part on a woman's body so why not emphasize this beauty using a bold colored lipstick?!
There are a variety of lipstick shades on the market but that doesn't mean that all of them suit the new trends. This year go for bold shades such as red, raspberry, orange and hot pink. Find the hue which suits your skin tone best. The cosmetic stands offer testers so you can test which shades offers your skin best advantages. This way you will be able to create the 
luscious lips you've always wanted. And it doesn't take a lot of time to put the lipstick on and look different from others ;)

Bold eye makeup


Not too long ago, it was advised to use either a bold colored eye makeup or a bold colored lipstick, not both at the same time but it seems that this new season this rule is out. Now you can choose to enhance the eyes, the lips or both, depending on personal style and preference. This type of bold makeup suits more formal, evening occasions so try to adapt the makeup to the time of day.
You can use bold eyeshadow colors such as green, blue, orange, lavender, red, etc, as they all look amazing. Mascara and eyeliner are a must for this type of makeup so don't neglect their importance.

If you're not into using too much eyeshadow you can use an eyeliner of a smokey eye makeup to give the eyes a bold definition.

Photos via style.com, elle.com
info from : makeup.beautyhill.com

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