Competition "НЕВСКИЕ БЕРЕГА" 23-27 February 2011

Finally i got pictures from competition in Russia - Sankt-Peterburg
One month before competition i thought that why not to try out something different
Its Nice to Do Beauty and fashion make up's But here is a bit different
There are rules which u cant overstep.
2 days of competition- just 3 weeks of training

First day- Podium make up -performance time on stage- 1h 
Ready - hair, costume and face with base in one tone (natural).
Not allowed to use supra and aqua colors, 
the make up can't be higher than 2 cm above eyebrows
and lover than cheek bones.

 I was so nervous, my hands were shaking i could not control them.
 That was a different experience :)

2 day- fantasy make up- performance time 1h 30 minutes on stage
Ready- hair, costume, face cover in one tone ( natural)
This day- was allowed to use supra and aqua color . 
Make up can be done on whole face.

As this was my first experience  participating in this kind competition then from 60 people in Junior category sadly but didn't got any place. 
Awarded were first 5 places and first 3 got Cups and diplomas.
The strongest were girls from Ukraine and Sankt-Peterburg.
They had perfect costumes- all designed specially for each day and make up look.
My costumes was not so Posh- as we did not have a time and spare finances to do unique costumes in such a short time :(
But still i think that was a grate experience!

This beauty festival lasted for 5 days 23-27 february 
My competition days was 25,26 of february
here is web site- where u can see some more pictures!

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