In search for inspiration

This Time i am Getting ready for Competition in May 

Podium make up Theme- is Tropical

I am looking for inspiration and i want to share ideas.
U maybe will fine some interesting details u like 
and will use them in 
your make up!

2011 New From SHU UEMURA

132nd shu uemura mode make-up for 2011 spring/summer invites you to the world of untouched treasure in a deep, tropical jungle, where creatures posses alluring beauty and dynamic colors of astounding hues and dazzling iridescence.
inspired by the extraordinary blue morpho butterfly, shu uemura introduces a collection of breathtakingly luxuriant tones in dramatic polychromatic shimmers.
discover mysterious and untouched treasures of the wilderness, and experience metamorphosis through nature’s glory.

for spring/summer 2011, shu uemura artistic director kakuyasu uchiide creates a mode make-up with unseen colors and iridescence, that frees women and takes you to the mystique beauty of tropical rainforest. "morphorium" is a gift from nature, he says, the origin of all living creatures and of infinite beauty.
morphorium is an adventure into the mystique of the tropical rainforest.

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