Wedding Day

Here comes the Bride ....

You’ve dreamt of this day for years. You’ve chosen a beautiful setting, picked out a sumptuous menu, and the perfect dress to marry the man of your dreams, so don’t trust your makeup, hair and nails to just anyone.

I have read that girls is buying more expensive cosmetic to put it on on their special day that they shouldn't have to spend  lots of their money visiting specialists.

I would like to say just one thing- Its not the price of your mascara that makes u look better, its not the brand of your eyeshadows that allows u to create perfect look on your special day - more expensive  things does not teach u how to do it perfect- if u did not know how to put make up u wont do it better with more expensive things. 

But when u go to your stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist .. be ready- search for looks u like  in internet and print out the picture.. U will be abel to show how would u want to look like :)
And no one will be disappointed ..

Nude make up

BOLD make up

There is so many different looks how u can dress up on your wedding day- u just have to know what u want :)

Colorful and other Make up ideas

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