Bronze & Shimmery

This is my second photo session in my life.
I did the make up, style and photos :)

This time i wanted to make make up and look more to nature- But i guess thats not for me :)

This is the result :)

Make up products that I used :

BASE: MAKE UP FOREVER- HD foundation -nr155, HD powder
 EYES & CHEEKS -ACTIVE cosmetics SUNKISSED palette , make up forever eyeshadows - nr 67, 41 and 72 
EYELINER- mixed MAKE UP FOREVER eye seal + 
FRONT COVER shimmer powder (silver mink)
MASCARA- PUPALASH Energizer + individual false eyelashes
LIPS - MAKE UP FOREVER aqua lip nr 8  YSL gloss volupte nr 8 - nr

Hope that i didn't  forget anything :)

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