Make up for Beach

This time 

Make up that will look appropriate on the Beach :)

Less Is More. Don’t apply heavy makeup. Firstly you will look like an idiot ( it's a beach, not a nightclub) and secondly, all that sweating in the hot sun and swimming in the salty water will cause your makeup to run right down your face. Go for a light, subtle look.

The general rule of thumb is to try and go for an enhanced version of natural. 
Flushed cheeks, bright eyes, pink-ish lips.

Lip color: Use a good lip balm that has sun protection to moisturize and protect your lips from the damaging sunrays. Steer clear from lipstick that’s bright or heavy instead choose a clear or soft shade lip-gloss.

Eyes: To avoid looking like a raccoon after your swim its best to minimize eye make up as much as possible. The best thing to do is to curl your lashes and then apply two or three coats of waterproof mascara. If you still feel like you need a little more you can apply a line of waterproof eyeliner - this year  you can try bright and crazy colors to get the perfect look.

Last years Favorite looks

Harper's Bazaar Arabia, June 2010
Model: Masha Novoselova
Fuchsia lips with bleached hair and super bleached brows, the new beachy summer look!

IsaDora Pool Party Summer 2010 Collection

Make up Forever Aqua cream

Favorites  For this Summer!

Make up For Ever Aqua liner

Pastels and platinum dominate Chanel’s make-up collection for the summer season, taking you effortlessly from beach to bar. Daytime eyes are shaded in soft greens, baby blues and Champagne pinks, while metallic platinum gives evenings a touch of summertime shimmer. Colourful lids are teamed with contrasting natural lips, given just a slick of subtle, almost sheer, peony pink or peach gloss, while nail colours range from a girlish pink blush to a bold yellow gold, the embodiment of Riviera glamour. Add a sun-kissed glow whatever the weather with the graduated bronzer, a blend of pretty rose pink, warm coral and deep brown that allows you to build up colour to match your natural tanned tones perfectly.

NARS 2011 summer collection.

Even if u don't have anything waterproof in your make up kit - u can always make it waterproof :)
I love Make up Forever - EYE SEAL -
Mix it with eye shadows, star powders, use as a base under make up and it will last longer and water resistant! 
I am not buying thousands of eyeliners - I just use one drop of eye seal , mix it with eyeshadow or star powder and make as thick or thin line as i want and in any shade that i want ...

More pictures for Inspiration!


Wishing u Bronze skin & Refreshing Breeze :)

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