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Some new ides for YOU
 To create new and unforgettable  make up :)


U can choose dark violet instead of black to create smokey eye look.
The best thing that it is easier to apply and doesn't look so heavy.
( idea coming from MichaelKors  and Versace shows )

who loves this look? 

For you to know. 
Violet is a very various color. It can look very dark, passionate, sexy, bright and playful! It is so easy to find the right way how to highlight your look. 
To get simple smokey look:
Put darker violet color all over your lid and a bit lighter violet color above your crease - blend it well.
With wet brush  : using Darker (violet or black) eyeshadows or eye pencil  draw thin line very close to your upper lash line extending up and past your lashline.

MIX colors

U can try out:

Put green eyeshadow all over your upper lid then turquoise color under your lover lash line.
Blend them well in the outer corner. Add light creamy pink color to your lips to get the final look.
it will be a bit like 80's look just advanced.
If you are attending pool, beach, caribbean or just colorful party you can add blue mascara or false lashes with blue ends to your look. You will look fantastic :)


This is my favorite lip color for this summer ;)
Swap out your regular red lip color for a hot orange shade to instantly warm up your complexion.

Information from : http://cosmo.lv & my self :)

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