Photo session nr 3

This is my third time when i do all  -( except this time - not all of photos will be mine )
I did make up, hair, style, found place and did the rest..

BUT.. when we got to Sigulda ( location of the  photo shoot ) and we had to start shooting i found out that i forgot battery for camera at home in the charger :(
But i was revealed that i asked if one really cool photographer Jānis Luste http://www.lustefoto.tk/
if he wants maybe to come with us- and i am glad that he said: Yes!!! :)

So he was the Main on the shoot but He was so kind to let me use his camera and try out to take some photos!!! 
So here some of them ;)


This is Me working :)

This is me chilling with all the clothes around me :)

& THESE ARE Photos that made(  www.lusefoto.tk ) Jānis 

This was a grate  day- next shoot i plan in Sand :) White, black, red - don't know that yet, but sand :)

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