Make up under Glasses

Hey, Today i did allure kind a make up and hided it under my glasses :)
I am wearing them too but really rare. 

I will tell that if you wear glasses it so much easer for you to do a make up - it does not have to be perfect. Most of the women who wear glasses don’t use any makeup because they think that their eyes are “hidden“ behind the glasses but that isn’t a true.  If wearing glasses is part of your look, or if you absolutely need them just to see how many fingers you’re holding in front of you, wear at least 15% more make-up than you would without them. Glasses (even without any tint) shade your eyes more than you think.

This is what it would a bit like without glasses 

:) This is how i look with glasses & make up

If you’re long sighted:

Eyes appear bigger through the lenses. It’s best to use darker shades on the lid to give the illusion of smaller eyes through the glasses. This doesn’t mean choosing dramatic black or similar dark colours, it just means choosing a shade that’s darker rather than lighter. For example, if you want to wear neutral shades go for medium brown instead of a light brown. Avoid highlighting the inner corner of the eye which only makes eyes appear bigger. For a night time look use darker shades on lid and smudge a little under the eye. You could even add some dark kohl pencil to the inner rim of the eye.

If you’re short sighted:

You eyes appear smaller behind the glasses. It’s best to line along the top lashes and use a lighter or brighter shade on the lip to give the illusion that they eye is bigger through the lenses. Highlight the inner corner of the eye. You could try wearing some taupe or white liner on the inner rim of the eye.


Glasses can cast a shadow under the eyes so a little concealer can go along way. A light reflecting concealer would be perfect.
Consider your frames when choosing your make-up. If you wearing heavy frames a natural look will look great. If your frames are lighter or frameless you could experiment with a more dramatic look.
Glasses emphasise your brows so focus on grooming and shaping brows.
Curl your lashes before applying mascara to prevent your lashes catching in your glasses.

And here are more make up ideas :)

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