My make up look from 6th of july

Yesterday I wanted to do a warm & colorful make up.

For Day look:
So i used Green and yellow color on upper lid and minty color under lover lash line. 

And i draw line with black eye pencil all around the upper and lover lash line to 
to give my eyes some extra enhancement!

For the EVENING look:

On top of the previous colors i added:
 gold star powder on top of yellow
   darker green shadows  on top of green
 under eyes took off mint color and added the same dark green color i used on the upper outer corner.
In the inner lover corner i added a bit of copper color :)
For lips i used waterproof lip pencil in warm peachy color.  

And very late last night we did a photo shoot for my sisters wedding ;) 
here testing lights on me ;)

Pic: Cee

Here me and my oldest sister having fun before the shoot!
Im acting that i am as tall as sisters fiance in the picture:)


All pictures taken  by Myself.. just last two by Cee.

Have a super fantastic & fun rest of the day :)

And by the way the top i am wearing in the pictures is made by one Gorgeous Girl!
Her Brand *madmouse-el  is new but i like it sooooo much i could buy all clothes from her collections ! ha
U can check out her : 

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