Creative make up

Last week i tried out new make up technique.
As i didn't have a lot of time to experiment or to do it many times. This is what i got from first time.

It would look better if i only i had better blush brush.
It cant be too soft - cause if it is fluffy and soft the hair gets under tights.
yes you read right- to create this kind of look you just need tights.

These ar not the ones i used- i used  with simple squares.
But the holes has to be quite big.

So u Do the base- in whatever color you want- then strain tights and ask the model to hold them as close to skin as possible and don't move. Then take other color - if possible darker that the base.
And with quite harder brush powder on top of the tights. 

This is what i got :D

I will try this out very soon again and will show u step by step how to create different looks ;)

for today this is it!

Have a nice day !!!

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