Mineral Make up

MICABELLA cosmetics VS Bellapierre cosmetics
Where nature & beauty collide...

This time i will write about mineral make up.
about month ago i was invited to meet MICABELLA cosmetics manager.
 She wanted to show and tell me about the company and products they have.

But yesterday i was walking around shopping mall and went to see what offers shop that sells only natural (BIO) products - And i saw there Bellapierre cosmetics.

And i want to say- im really glad about my decision to check whats in that shop.

So a bit about Mineral cosmetics- What is it :)
Mineral cosmetic is made without any oils, talc, chemical dyes, preservatives, or other fillers.
It is pure mineral and works well on any skin type, even the most sensitive skin. The high antioxidant levels in it helps to protect your skin from premature aging and other damage.

So now will tell about mineral pigments.
The pigments can be used:
  • as eye shadows
  • eye liner
  • lip color
  • nail polish
  • blush
  • in hair
  • mascara
  • body gloss

For lips u need just clear gloss,  for nails clear polish , for mascara - clear gel... so u can use pigment in as many ways you can imagine.

So where is the difference in those 2 brands???

They both are natural & can be used the same way - made from the same mineral - called MICA...
the only Difference is in price!!!

In Latvia the prices are - 
One Pigment from MICABELLA cosmetics costs  19,-
& one pigment from bellapierre costs 8,- 
i think the difference is quite big.... :(

I think that i better like bellapiere and thats not because the price is lower, 
but they just don't push you to use mineral cosmetic.

Yesterday i bought Bellaprierre  pigment - Oasis Dew (052)
& tested in the evening as eye shadow & it worked really good  together with my Make Up Forever products! I like it a lot!
So i think i will buy more - i already saw couple of colors i loved... 

MICA BELLA cosmetics www.micabeauty.com

Bellapierre cosmetics www.bellapierre.com/shop

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  1. bookmаrked!!, I love your sitе!

    Look at mу homеpage - skin lightening soap

  2. I was searching the internet to find an answer for something bothering me, and I came across your blog!
    About a month ago while in a mall I came across a newly opened Mica Beauty Mineral makup store, I was invited by their staff and had my make up done and went out with a primer and mineral foundation that I fell in love with and some brushes! But when I went back home I discovered that the products I bought had two different brand names on them! MicaBeauty on the primer, and bellapierre on the foundation and brushes!! The store was sure a MicaBeuty! That tells me that they are one company, I wonder if they are changing names to raise prices without another change in products!!