My Winter

 Today i will tell about how i spent last month!
i was getting ready for the first semesters final exam :)
the Theme was " Winter " I had to think about how would look my winter- in clothes, with make up & Hair style.

It wasn't easy at all. At first i had to do at least 10 different sketches & my drawing teacher chose one Look of them that i had to create as a real outfit with hair style and make up.

AND the hardest part of all - was that i had to spend as less money as i can to create the outfit. 
So i used agrofilms, foil and some kind of insulating material for floors. ;)

These are the Pictures i had to take before the exam to put them in to my folder that i had to give to the teachers on the exam day!

Taken by Jānis Luste. www.lustefoto.tk

And here are pictures from exam :) 
I changed a bit Make up - wanted a bit more creative ;)

I hope that Next time i will Be More creative :) As well i will be able to create more interesting hair styles & will know how to create a better outfit! 

Have a superb Day :) 


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