This is me & some hours from my "today"!

It is a sunny day, but SO cold :(

So i went to school :) 
Had to speak with a teacher about make up and outfit i will make for competition in may.
And in the end i found myself sitting in a chair and getting a very strong make up from my friend and classmate Marta.


In the back of me u can see part of my schools make up class room :) 

 One side complete :)

When i was ready she asked me to do a quick make up for her - she has a date tonight ;)
Used burgundy and purply colors.
I love this make up in life.
Pictures with iphone are not the best.

 Here we are together :)  i look funny :D

 My make up is called Vamp - just we didn't do red lips ;) 
cause it was daytime :)

Tthis is my look for today
Jacket & leggings (Versace for H&M)
Tank Top (Insight) 
Boots (from Greece)
Watch ( Juicy couture)
Rings ( Swarovski and from random shops)

In the back - loads of cups that school have won by participating in make up competitions :)

wish u loads of smiles!!!

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