Baltic Expo Beauty 2012

Now i can tell & show you what i was doing past few weeks. 
I was training for two competitions. 

One was Make up artists competition 
For Fantasy make up
Theme : This old, old fairy tale 
and second one  was
 Extravagant Bride where i participated with my friend Marta.

My make up artists Competition Began with a drawing on a paper 

Then i started to try it out on my model and changed it till it was the way it is now.

Then fallowed lots of practice! 

Make up has to be done i 1 hour and 30 minutes.

And this is it! make up after competition :)

And i am sooo soo happy!
This is how looks my shelf of fame :D 

And here are pictures from second Competition
Extravagant Bride :)

 While i was thinking what make up i should do :)

Making the Dress :)

 And the Result!

Hope you like what i did.
For Now this is it :) Today i had my first try at doing tutorials :) I wasn't filming but taking pictures. Soon you will be able to see the result. 

Wish you a wonderful day!

5 komentāri:

  1. Brīnišķīgi. Malacis. :) Un apsveicu ar iegūtajām vietām. :)))

  2. Tiešām skaisti! Es arī pievienojos apsveicēju pulciņam!:)) Var redzēt, ka šajā visā procesā ir ieguldītas vairākas smaga darba stundas!

  3. Paldies Jums Liels :) Prieks dzirdēt, ka arī citiem, ne tikai man patīk :)

  4. oh so nice. looking so colourful.