Spring look

Hello Lovelies, 

last week was crazy. School, work and loads of other things to do.
So i hadn't much of a spare time to do make ups or write a lot over here. 

Last week i really needed another angled brush so i bought one from ECOTOOLS.
This one is really cheap.. about 3 ls thats approx. 6$ 
This brush is pretty good  i you know how much it costs. 
I can do everything i need with this brush - so there is no point to buy more expensive ones.

And lately i am obsessed with this pinky purple eye shadow. and pastels in my make up.
Low quality photos ( taken with iphone)

Then i had to do a Hair do for Brides ;) 
And this is what i came up with. My model had a thick and long hair. I took me 2h to do this hairstyle :)
After i did hairstyle i did as well a quick "A- la Bridal" make up. just this one is more visible and darker than usually brides want :)

This is what have happened with me lately :) 
Can't wait to show u tomorrow pictures from shoot that is old - really old. :) I guess, that it was before new year :) But still Photos are gorgeous and i love the make up i did for that shoot. :) 
Sunny & happy day to you all :)

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