make up of the day

Hellouzy :)

Yesterday i went crazy crazy with colors and my make up, 
But i got positive feedback from people i met that day!
I guess they all were open minded :D

So here is my Make up look & again all my eye make up is done using ONLY sleek eyeshadows.
I still can't explain how can ( this cheap - 6.97 pounds ) eyeshadows be this good almost excellent?

So here is the look :)
prepare your self for Crazzyyy 

Products i used:
Garnier miracle skin perfector
MAC bronzer Give me sun
MUFE sculpting kit
Lightest ( inner corner ) ULTRA MATTS V2 - pillow talk on top MUFE star powder 41
Middle Acid palette - turquoise + V1 Bolt
Outer corner V2 Orbit
Under eye Acid palette - purple
under brow bone V2 Dune
GOSH kohl  eye liner pencil black + Art Deco eyeliner 
PUPA lash mascara - energizer
In pictures none... but all day i wore Illamasqua sheer lipgloss Mina!
MUFE eyebrow pencil nr 4

Look of the day :)

Today was a ZARA day :D
Blouse : Zara
Jeans: Zara ( new collection)
Jacket: Zara ( new collection)
Tennis Shoes: Guess
Necklace: Lindex
Bag: D&G ( already vintage :D )

Hope you like my crazy look :)
Big Hugs and wish u a fun day ;)

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  1. ohhh! i love your shirt :D

    if you want follow my blog! from spain