Maybelline illegal length vs thecolossal volum express

Hey, Lovelies! 

Today finally  i can finish my post about Maybelline mascaras!
First of all i want to apologize to all of you about monday special post - interview with
Make-up artist. They are forgetful if it is not related with work. Hope to have something really soon.
But today..


Illegal Length 

Adds 4mm of measurable extensions. Breaks every law of lengthening.


Creates 9x the volume instantly 

So This is what i think!!! 

As you can see in the pictures there is quite a big difference between both mascaras.
But i would say that it is not about which one is better- this is about that each mascara gives exactly what she says. I absolutely love colossal volume and i use it almost every day but as well i like illegal length. So if you want volume - chose colossal but if you want length choose illegal :)
Illegal length maybe makes my lashes a bit more clumpy but that depends how i apply mascara.
And i absolutely love colossal brush- it is perfect! i think every mascara would be applied perfect with this kind of brush.

Illegal length 

No Mascara

Colossal volum express

Do you use any of these mascaras? What do you think about them? :)

Hope you had fantastic day & tomorrow will be even better ;)

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