Monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Today is a time for a new Interview :)
This Time With Helga Auzukalna 

Name, Surname : 
Helga Auzukalna

Profession : 
Make-up artist

Working place: 
With photographer Druvo Haritonovs www.druvoart.com ,freelance and with private clients

How did you chose your profession?   
I felt with my heart that this is the job that satisfies me, gives me happiness and joy and i can share it with others. 

What do you like in your job?  
I like tat i can bring out the beauty, make the person more interesting and provide comfort and joy.
As well i like to show how different person can look.

Who or what inspires you? 
People close to me as well music, nature, laugh, beauty, sea and other people .

What make up brands you work with?
  Make up forever, Kryolan,Pupa,Make up factory

What is in your make up bag?
Foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

Product/s you cant live without.. 
eyeliner and mascara 

Do you have any product with negtive experience?
No,  i think if you are creative then you can find how and where to use it. 

Dream in your professional career .
Open my beauty salon and shop

What was the biggest challenge in your career? 
Challenge is a powerful word . I think that i still have it in front.

What is the most common question clients ask you? 
How to mask imperfections and what suits the most.

What professional advice you would like to share.
Try to be as perfect as you can and give away your heart to what you do.

Do you have other hobbies? 
Very close to my heart as well is painting and everything that has something to do with photography.

Thanks Helga for this interview. 
And here are some photos of her works.

All photos are from Helgas Auzukalnas private archives and can't be use without her permission.

Hope you liked 
And wish you Warm & sunny Monday! 
Hugs :)

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  1. vairāk tādu rakstu, ļoti interesanti lasīt. :)

  2. pievienojos- loti interesanta rakstu serija!

  3. Paldies, prieks, ka patik Lasīt :) šos rakstus neveidoju biežāk, jo nav nemaz tik viegli pierunāt šos darbīgos cilvēkus atbildēt uz jautājumiem :)