Monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Hello Again :)
Today is another day when you can read something interesting about make up artist :)
And it is:
Santana Nākmane

Name, Surname – Santana Nākmane

Profession –Makeup Artists, stylist, hairstylist 

 Working place – Make up school (Right Peope),  Training Center  (RIMAN)

How did you choose your profession? –  When i started to learn this profession, i even didn't even know what is it about, but after some time i felt in love with this profession . 

Maybe there is other profession you would like to learn if you wouldn't be a makeup artist?
-Yes, i would like to study for a massage therapist. 

What do you like in your work?  –Work is very creative, excites me. I really love that my work has no limits, everything i dream of can be realized in my works.

Who or what inspires you? – There is no certain person, no there is one -Freja Beha Erichsen (Danish model), but usually i am inspired by people and most of the time that's models.

What make up brands do you use in your work? – MAC, Gosh, Maybelline, Dior, Lancome, Chanel, Kryolan, Stage line, Make up for ever, Estee Lauder, Make up store, Inglot, Nars.

Whats in your make up bag? – Oh, so many things that i even can say what i have and what don't. Many  loose shadows, pigments, foundations, concealers, powders, different liners, lip pencils, matt shadows, lipsticks, glitters, strass (crystals) and much more :)

Product/s you can't live without? - Foundation, mascara and blush.

Product/s with negative experience. – Can't remember!

Dream in your professional career ( with who or where would you like to work? )
 – I would love to work for Paris and New York fashion weeks .

What has been your biggest challenge in your career? - The most difficult are competitions. 
Usually i am very nervous.  :S

Anything funny you can tell about your job?  – Very often women don't use make up daily and each time i touch them with the brush they say that it feels like it weighs kilos. 

What is the most popular thing clients ask you? – Less foundation and to emphasize eyes.  

Do you have any other hobbies?  – Yes,  I like to sew and i mostly make costumes for competitions by my self. And as well i design greeting cards.

Thank you Santana for Your answers :)
And here are some of her works!

All photos ar from Santanas Nākmanes private accounts and can't be used without her permission.

Wish You an amazing day 
Hugs! L>

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