[Make-up] Dandelion inspired look

Hey Buddies :)

Today i will show you what i did yesterday in my exam. 
But first i will tell a bit about it! Some time ago we had to pick one picture ( we didn't see whats on them) 
and on these pictures was shown inspiration and theme for our exam. Each person got a different picture. 
mine was this one :)

Ok, there was nothing much to think about hairstyle i could make for this look but make up?
What kind of make up could suit this look?

Ok, i began with hairstyle : )

 Products you need to make this hairstyle
        * Hair volume mousse 
   * Hair pins 
    * Hairspray 
    * Hair shine 
* Combs

In freshly washed hair put in some mousse 

wound the hair on the pins secure them- dry them - all the hair has to be dry.

release hair from pins and brush the hair.

Style them in the from you want and finish with hairspray and shine.

This is dandelion hairstyle ;)
And the hardest part was makeup
After drawing various sketches and trying them out on myself i stayed with this look 

I begin with graphic make up

And after i added some design stuff to make this look more interesting :) 

And here is my model on my exam day :) 

In first picture Without make-up and hairstyle

I am happy with the result and i hope i will get good marks in this exam :)
Do you like this look? 

Wish you a Lovely friday and amazing weekend ;) 

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  1. Make up un hairstyle 10 ar ++++ :)

    1. Paldies :) ļoti patīkami dzirdēt :)

  2. Jauns Tag raksts http://scentivory.wordpress.lv/2012/08/31/tag-cik-maksa-mana-seja/ :)

    1. Uhh, interesants raksts :) tagad būs jāpastrādā arī man :) ļoti labprāt izveidošu šādu rakstu :) Tik jautājums Dienas make up vai vakara make up??

  3. this make up is amazing!
    i am now following your blog. would really love it if you could follow mine back!

    http://sarablahblah.blogspot.com xxx

  4. You are a very talented make up artist. The hair style is interesting.........I think it would look fab even if it was left as it was after you took the pins out and just fluffed a little bit. You landed into my inbox via IFB so if you want to check out my place www.highheel-shoes.co that would be fantastic

    Susann xx