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Hi sweeties! 

Oh, I have to work so much that I even don't have a time to sit by the computer and write a post :( 
Sad about not posting happy about having a lots of work ;) Hope you are doing good! Today is the magical day - End of the world or I better should say NEW beginning for us all. Maybe we should start just thinking differently - more positive, more about the ones we love & care. Not just about work and money. :) This would be my suggestion to my self and you too guys! 

By the way I haven't got any presents - now you can see how much free time I have :D NONE! 
But I will try to do my best and today or in the worst case tomorrow will go Christmas Shopping :)

And today I would love to show you a peek What's New for MAYBELLINE NEW YORK!!!

I am so Excited to try out these new products:
Maybelline - COLOR TATTO 24hr - cream eyeshadows 
* 20- Turquoise Forever
* 05 - Eternal Gold
The ROCKET Volum' express  mascara 
COLOR Sensational - Vivid Rose lipstick ( was wearing it yesterday ) 
Sweet mini manicure Kit :) Perfect for carrying around! 

And my studios wall will have a very beautiful and inspirational Calendar for 2013 

 My todays Look!
Bershka - Turtle neck
Zara - Jacket, Belt, Boots
Cubus - Necklace
Pepe Jeans London - Jeans
Guess - Watch 
Orange - Bracelet

Today I really wanted to have bright and colourful make-up! 
So I created look with blue and green colours. 

Have A Nice & Postive and Super sunny Friday Loves!! 
Kisses :) 

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  1. nebeigšu vien priecāties par to, cik tu skaista esi! :)
    Priecīgus svētkus! :)

    1. Ah, mulsini tu mani :) Paldies, par komplimentu ;) Tev ar , lai gaiši un sirsnīgi svētki :)