November Empties

Hey sweetpies! 

I am totally sick already for 4 days. Not so cool at all.. First I was thinking that I've got a virus and as quick as I got it I will get rid of it ...but NO :( Today I have to admit that I am sick. But I don't have a time to stay at home and Just sleep. Crazy! I Hope that In January- for My birthday I will go somewhere Nice & warm! I Hope so! :) Will see how it will turn out... But at the moment I would like to show you my First  Empty Post! ( please don't laugh - Im new in this field :D ) 
This is so funny to keep empty product packages till the end of the month and then take the picture!
I was laughing so loud!  But I did it! And thats why I will show you MY empties ;)

So during November I run out of : 
Avon  - Solutions Body cellu-sculpt ( bought already new one) 
Pupa - Active oxygen salt scrub ( will buy a new one)
MUFE HD concealer shade 335 - ( have a new one)
MUFE - Aqua eyeliner ( will never buy the same) 
MUFE - Face&Body foundation shade 32 ( Love using all the time)
MUFE HD 125 ( for evenings Love it) 
Dior show iconic mascara ( not for me) 
MUFE black kohl pencil - can u even see it in the picture??? :D ( at the moment I love GOSH black pencil) 
L'oreal - Eye & Lip make-up remover ( adore) 
L'oreal gentle eye makeup remover ( will never have one again - no point of it) 

Oh, this was my first time :) I think next time I should do a bit proper post :)
With more photos.. but maybe You -  my Dear Readers can Help with writing what's missing in this post ;) 

I Miss You and I miss posting :( 
With Love & have a great evening sweets ♥

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  1. I like posts about cosmetic empties, because it gives more direct point of view on some products from people who actually understands something about cosmetics. Nice keep on!