2 hours & Legally ready

Hey, Superstar! 

Last week was intense with school & work but still somehow I managed to go out with my Friend on Saturdays night. :) I came home after the work quite late and even then I wasn't rushing my self to get ready. I kind a like and dislike these parties at the same time. I like to go out and meet old/new people have fun and spend a great time, but the next day usually is my least favourite. If I can put it like that.  So while I was thinking what I will wear - I remembered that Friday I did Allure ( smoky kind ) make-up for a Lovely girl and couldn't remember the last time when I did this make-up on my self. So I went for it!

Before ( while getting ready)  pictures are a mix of my daily clothing and a home around hairstyle - isn't funny that pink scrunchy? :D

 Sweater from Minusey [Here], Guess Jeans [quite old]  Michael Kors watch, BCBG generation [fierce bracelet] and other bracelet bought in shop [Orange]

After 2 hours wondering around the house, chatting with my mom on skype, deciding what to wear and putting on make up - I  was ready to conquer my friends flat & the city!  
On lips Illamasqua intense lip gloss - Mistress

Leggings [ Versace for H&M] , Jacket [ Līga Banga] Necklace [H&M], earrings bought in Milan (no name) bracelet [Diva] & watch [Guess]

I was wearing my beloved Jacket from Latvian designer Līga Banga, I think it’s so cute! You can’t really see it that good here, but it will definitely be a fave for spring.  And I fell in love with this jacket during it's first show off during the fashion show ( Riga fashion Mood ). And instantly I knew that I need it! 
Do you have/like any local designer items? Or you prefer world known ones? 

Have a great night & day sweets♥

7 komentāri:

  1. Kaimiņu meitene vai liktenīgā sieviete? Skaista abējādi, bet uz to liktnenīgo arī es, sieviete, atskatītos pāris reizes!

    1. Es ceru, ka liktenīgo labā nozīmē ;)

  2. Ļoti skaists tonis lūpu spīdumam!

    1. Paldies, Un jā, manuprāt, ļoti labs. Principā es dievinu šos Intense lip gloss no Illamasqua- pigmentēti un noturigi - man ir kādi 4 toņi. :)

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