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Hi Angels!
Sorry for a slow blog WEEKS , it was just something I really needed. I love blogging, but sometimes there is no time for that. Last week for me  was like a crazy drive but I so much loved it  & enjoyed it! I have to say that I wish now that every single week was like that for me. 
Early morning start & very late evening finish :) Maybe you think I am crazy, but I have to say that as I am single I hate to sit at home and do nothing. Love to be in movement when everything around me bursts. Still not enough time to do everything I want but I'm on my way! Hope you all are doing good :) So today I will show you all my last weeks moments in pictures :) by the way I hate that my instagram is not working already for a  second week.. I sent 3 emails to support but nothing/ nobody is helping to sort this out. 
FB & twitter is not the same.. so I can't normally share with U all nice things that are happening to me :(  So I will start creating INSTA posts... cause you're not able to see my insta moments.
Ok I will stop chatting ... or maybe not  but I think at first I will show you pictures and then I will carry on with my silly chit chat :) 

This is my Hair colour that I had week ago :) 

Make-up for Latvian actors 

 Make-up for Tv show Ievas pārvērtības

This is ME last thursday :D

 Make-up & Hair for " RITA" clothing catalogue Photoshoot 

Me with RED HAIR :) 

Saturday night with my BEST friends :) 

Sunday - make-up  work

Monday ;)  L'oreal ombres - You will know about this more in a while :) I have to create a really nice post ;) 

 Did Make- up & Hair for a Super Lovely girl :)

This is me out on Friday night for a one drink in the best place In Riga - Radio Bar

I hope you got a clue what I was doing :D sometimes hadn't time or couldn't make photos so something stayed behind the scenes :) 

Oh, but I so hope to find a time to do more posts! 

Lots of Love & Have a good one you guys♥

6 komentāri:

  1. Awesome post...you look great and happy and OMG, I am in love with that French Bulldog!


  2. Džīzus, tā cepure.... dievīga! Ja nav noslēpums - kur pirki tādu? Jau sen esmu perfektas boho platmales meklējumos!

  3. Cepure ir no ZARA :) Mans mīļākais šībrīža aksesuārs :)

  4. This looks like so much fun! Your eyes are beautiful!
    xo jess

  5. Great post, the bangs are so cool.
    And the dog is such a sweetheart.