Few new Evening Makeup Ideas

A Multidimensional Smoky Eye

Add depth to your standard smoky eye by layering shades of gray, taupe and navy. Giorgio Armani celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn suggests starting by tracing a dark gray eyeliner, like Giorgio Armani Liquid Silk Eye Liner in Matte Charcoal, around your whole eye. Then, using a tapered shadow brush, pack a taupe shadow along your lash line and diffuse up into your crease. Finally, repeat this step using a navy shadow, blending the two for a soft, multidimensional look. Finish with plenty of mascara.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Eye Liner

If you like your makeup served straight-up sexy, this is for you. “What’s great about this look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect—if it’s a little smudgy and dirty, it’s even better,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who works with Rumer Willis. Grab MAC’s Greasepaint Stick and push it into your top lash line and under your outer corners. “It gives you a devil-may-care look and doesn’t end up down on your face at the end of the night,” Stiles says. Just add neutral lips and a pretty pink cheek, plus curled, mascaraed lashes.

Drama-Queen Cheeks

Get in on the ’80s retro-beauty action by playing up your cheekbones. “More is more this season, especially for evening,” says Matthew Nigara, makeup artist for NYC New York Color, who suggests using cream blush instead of powder to make the look current. Apply it with an angled blush brush, sucking in your cheeks and following the hollows under your cheekbones, moving up toward your ears. Feeling really, really daring? Put Scotch tape on each cheek to establish the angle you want for your blush, then apply the color on top of (and over) the tape so you get a strong edge. Then remove the tape and gently blend the powder in. “This will give you a great punk-rock look and add an instant glam-rock edge,” Nigara says. As for the color, try a deeper shade than your usual, or go for it with bright fuchsia.

Cat-Eye Liner

You can get the sexy vibe Nicole Richie has here without going quite as dramatic. Work lots of pencil liner right into the roots of your lashes, then wing it out a bit at the outer corners. Add plenty of mascara and you’ve got a look. “I really like the look of pencil only, without any shadow,” says celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff. For a little trendy update, she suggests trying this with a pencil that’s gray, aubergine or jade.

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