Tieto Talent


          Last Two days i Was working ( doing Make ups)  at Tieto Talent show in Riga, Lavija. It was two amazing and fun days. I got a chance to meet people from India, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China and more other. It was so nice to work with people from different places of the world.
I got a chance to do Beauty make ups for HD TV and as well traditional folk make up's for more theatrical performances . 

 A bit About the show : 

Tieto Talent is an annual event that brings together all the Tieto employees worldwide to celebrate the successful end of the year. At the same time it is a competition open for all the 17 000 company employees - singers, dancers, stand-up comedians, etc.
Only 10 talents from all countries are qualified to perform in the finals. As a talent from Latvia won the competition in 2009, this year the event takes place in Riga.
Here is a short video where u can see me as well :) 


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