IMATS SHOW London 2011 par two

Here i will put pictures of Special fx (character/ prosthetic) make ups :) 

I love Special fx. It is such a work to do it- it takes thousand times more time to do it than to do beauty make up. 

Here is what i saw there :) 

All the works were incredible. Ones that i loved the most are those where i am with them in picture :D
I think that Make up is so creative and fantastic hobby and work at the same time ;)

Next year i will Go To London again :)

And i would like to see more "How to" from Special fx artists- and more tips and tricks how to create unseen works :)

Now i am getting ready and training for make up competition in Sankt Peterburg on 25,26 of february :) 
So i don't have lot of time to write here.
After- i will blog a lot :)

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