IMATS SHOW London 2011

Its been a long time since i wrote here something.

This time about IMATS 
(international make-up artist trade show)
january 29-30 Alexandra Palace
other information @ www.imats.net

Two days i was there to attend different speaker classes.
To see and hear whats new in make up industry.
It was such a grate chance to do that.

Now i am going to  put here some pictures from there :) 
and  maybe tomorrow i will blog about what  Jason Reese was telling about New directions in mold making for creating Silicone appliances .

Here will be the pictures from first days Beauty/fantasy competition & some works from other participants.

Most of the Trade show was about Prosthetics and silicone appliances :) that i will show next time ;)
And i am more to those kind of make ups :)

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