Gwyneth Paltrow recommends MÁDARA’s Eco cosmetic

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Today i will write about Latvian Eco cosmetic Brand MÁDARA.

Some time ago Gwyneth Paltrow get to know what is MÁDARA'

and wrote about it in her lifestyle newsletter GOOP
Award winning American actress Gwyneth Paltrow has tested and positively rated MÁDARA organic cosmetics created in Latvia. Im so proud that in Our little country have such a good products! :) 
Really Happy!

"The actress is writing that MÁDARA was created by the founder of the brand (founder of MÁDARA – Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere) in search for natural cosmetics, and now has developed a wide range of products – shampoos, body and facial moisturisers, cellulite reducers, and a separate line of organic products for baby care.In the newsletter, the actress especially highlighted MÁDARA moisturizing lotion."
"This is not the first time that famous persons and field specialists around the world recognize MÁDARA cosmetics which is made in Latvia using the strong northern herbs.American celebrities fashion stylist Rachel Zoe recommends MÁDARA Flower Dust shimmering lotionEnglish model Ruth Crilly prefers MÁDARA tinting fluid, but leading international make-up artist Attracta Courtney uses MÁDARA moonkissed tinting lipgloss."

My favorite madaras product is - Flower dust, shimmering moisturising lotion it Gives skin a golden radiance. Enhances summer tan. Hydrates and refreshes the skin, skin becomes silky soft and Like golden flower dust shimmering in the sun.

By the way I can say that Attracta Courtney is absolutely right- MÁDARA moonkissed tinting lipgloss is really amazing :)

And Under Theluxurychannel.tv site u will find Attracta Courtneys Top products one of them is moonkissed tinting lipgloss.


For today thats it :) 
Hope u already know or will get to know better about MÁDARA eco cosmetic ;)

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  1. Heey! Cosmetic from MADARA is my fave for 5 years from the very first product they launched in 2006! So glad for such an appreciation!

    Thank you for the info, Laura! ;)