Make up Artists competition at EXPO Beauty 2011

Today i will write and show pictures that I have from 6th of may 2011 Podium make up theme "Tropicana"

That was a big big day :) 
couldn't sleep all night :(
Because at that day I -
 participated in make up artists competition between professional school students.
There were two categories
1st - Bridal makeup
2nd - Podium make up " Tropicana"

It didn't went out as good as i wished but still i got 3rd place and a Cup in Bridal Makeup category :)
Unfortunately  i don't have good pictures with bridal make up :( Hope- that i will get some pictures soon!

Podium Make up : "Tropicana"

Make up : Me
Hair: Lāsma Logina
Costume: Idea mine- hand made by Evita Vilde

Make up : Elīna Ivickaite

Some Cups :)

1st Place - students competition "Tropicana"
Make up: Santana Nākmane
Time: 1 hour
1st Place Professional make up artist - Podium make up with Bodyart elements "Tropicana"
Time: 1h 30 min

Time :1 hour

1st Place - Professional make up artist- podium make up "Tropicana"

When i will get Pictures from Bridal Make ups- will do another Post :)

Have a nice day :)

Photos:  Yuris Zaleskis (Sur)

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