Make up Forever Presentation "Galliano Brides"

As today i went to see whats new in Latvijas MAKE UP FOREVER cosmetic store
There was a small gathering of make up artists to watch tutorial of theme " Galliano brides"
This make up made girl who has finished all 3 levels @ MAKE UP FOREVER School :)
Some photos of what they showed :)

After this presentation- i suscribed to attend Make up Forever training on 16th of may. They will do seminar especially for  waterproof products.  They will show how to work with waterproof products and  what u can create with them. And as well will show and tell about their brand new
 product "Aqua Liner" as well

Here is the new product:

New technique, new trend, new eyeliner…
Straight from the catwalks of Miami, MAKE UP FOR EVER reinvents Eyeliner.
Discover Aqua Liner, a high precision liquid eyeliner. It is fun proof, flirt proof, dance proof, swim proof. Its range of vibrant juicy colors can be used alone or as a duo.


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