My First Summer 2011 Photo session

Today i will write about my first this summer photo session!
My first- because i did Photos as well :)
Im a total beginner  in this industry.

The day- in the morning was really cloudy and i thought that the weather will be really bad but when we did make up & choose clothes to wear - all clouds was gone and sun was shining :) I was so happy!
We did photo session In Riga Botanic garden - i was there for first time :)  It was sunny but really windy and the wind was really cold :( My model was wearing summer clothes not very warm ones and for her it was a double job to pretend that it is a warm summer day :)
Ok so here is the result!
Don't be to harsh on me! 
Used just Canon 40D camera and 3 different objectives.

So this was my first time doing everything!
 I hope that i will improve with my photo skills :)

For Make up i used: 

Make up forver:
HD foundation 125
HD powder
Sculpting kit Nr 2
Eye shadows: mat Nr -15,12,67,92,91
satine Nr-25
Irise- Nr-71
Blush: eye shadow - Nr-12 
Eyebrow pencil :Nr-5
Lips: Lip liner pencil Nr -49
Super Lip gloss- 28

Other products:
Mascara: Dior ICONIC
Eyelashes: Art Deco

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