Special Effects - Joker inspired look

Hurray ! 
Idea born when i was visiting IMATS Show in London
And bought a lot of stuff for Special effects- In Latvia it is hard to get good materials! :(
It took me a long time to do that
(do make up & upload a video )
 But after a long long time here it is my first Special effects video in youtube!!!!
This is NOT a tutorial!

And here are some Pictures :)

Products I used :
Scars: On- skin Silicone gels Neutural (sculpt) www.principalityfx.com
Powdered silicone with: Make up forever HD powder- best for silicone- Talc free powders
Painted with: 1) Procolour Kit- Bruise www.principalityfc.com
2) Make up forever - special effects palette Nr 1 
3) Make up forever - Artificial thick blood
Face Base colour - Make up forever -Clown white
Eyes: 1)Make Up forever Kohl pencil 1K
2) Make up forever- special effects palette- black colour 
3) Make up forever - Eyeshadow -black -04
On Head - Siliglass small shards www.principalityfx.com
thick Artificial blood from Make up forever
Glued siliglas on head with Mastix Spirit Gum from KRYOLAN

Me & Ivo  ;) Thank u for your patience! 

2 komentāri:

  1. helo there i just read bout special effect wax/sculpt gel from make up forever. i know its for creating scars, i don know much bout it but i was wondering if i could use that special effect to cover mydeep acne scar by filling in the wax thinly on my face. what do u think? really need help

  2. Hello :) I guess that u can do that, cause u can apply it as thin as u want!
    I havent tried to use this product for filling the scars, but it could be the best possible way! :)