Bruno Birmanis Fashion Show 2011

My todays post is about Latest Bruno Birmanis Fashion show entitled ’13 women I haven’t married (yet)’
As i am blogging about make up & now as i mentioned  some time ago 
(will start to blog about hair as well ) 

Then this is still about the make up!
The make-up is just killing.

I was and still am so surprised that in Latvia someone dared to be different. 
I hope that after this show  Latvian Designers will dare to do more than a classical or smokey eye make up in heir shows ...

Make up created Make up Forever team Riga & Paris :)
Salon Poetica

 Fashion Designer Bruno Birmanis himself

This is an Update :)
I Got More detailed pictures of make up's
& from the back stage :)

i Think this is amazing ;)

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