Halloween or Día de los Muertos

As Upcoming weekend will be all about halloween and costumes & make ups 
I started to think what i will do tomorrow night when i will have to do halloween make up for 4 people in a Bar MAD HOUSE 

So I did on myself Sugar Candy traditional make up :)
White supra : Kryolan
Shine powder : MUFE
Black kohl eye pencil :  MUFE
Black eyeliner :ARTDECO
Red and green eye shadows : MUFE
purple star powder: INGLOT
and Brown + very dark brown shadows to do the cheeks : MUFE

Me & My Boyfriend together :D

And on Ivo i was trying out what i can do with  PVA glue :D
yesterday i pored PVA glue in different shapes on film,
put it on top of heat and let it dry out.

*Today i took my preparations and glued with eyelash glue to the skin.
Eyelash glue is rubbery and it moves together with the skin-  i think it is the best glue for creating small scars and wounds :)
* colored and blended scars with foundation
* inside of  scars i  colored with MUFE special effects pallet
* on the edges of scars i applied Sculpting flesh from MUFE
* taped dark blood from MUFE all over the scars

And this is what i ended up with :D

Happy Halloween to u too :) 
& Tomorrow will take photos of make up's i will do & later will make a post 

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