IMATS 2012

Once a year Alexandra Palace in London is transformed into a make-up enthusiasts paradise! With bloggers, beauty lovers, professional artists and students congregating in the creative hub that is IMATS, the show offers the chance to indulge and immerse in make-up artistry!

This year was no exception and I wanted to share a little snippet of 
 for those of you who weren't able to attend...


First is The beauty/fantasy competition takes place on Saturday, and the time limit is two hours. The 2012 theme is Wild Kingdom. Wild Kingdom refers to beauty make-up inspired by animals, fish, reptiles or birds.

The second is character/prosthetic competition and takes place on Sunday. Competitors is given prosthetics on the day of competition, which they must incorporate into their designs. The time limit for the character competition is three hours. No outside prosthetics are allowed, only the ones supplied by IMATS. The 2012 theme is Men in Black Aliens.

And both two days was full of loads of classes that i was attending. Saturday was totally crazy cause loads of classes was in the same time.

I went Neil Gortons class where he showed how to create a nice horror character.

next i attended Jasons Reese And Franks Ippolito lifecasting for prosthetic creation class. Frank Ippolito was one of FACE OFFS season one participants in first season.

Next was M.A.C. creative directors Terrys Barbers class for tehnical beauty.

I really wanted to see Nicks Dudmans Goblins make up demo on Actor Warwick Davis ( this make up was on this actor for Hary Potter movie) But sadly The class was full... 700 seats & all taken! OMG :D
These 3 pics are after the class when they took off the make up from actor ;)

After wards watched the awards show for 
Beauty competition

Then i went to Koren Zanders (Enkore) class : everydays make up in 7 minutes or less.

And the last was Valente Frazier ( Emmy award winning make-up artist who works with Tyra Banks, Rhianna, Iman, Heidi Klum and others.) he was showing how to create classic, fresh look & perfect skin look for red carpet.

That day i was there from 10;00 in the morning till 5;00 in the evening ;) 
That was one long and amazing day :)

That was first day :) 

Here are some pic that my boyfriend took while i was sitting in classes or running from one to another :)


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