My Second Exam

I was gone for a while. 
I had so so much to do.
loads of work & loads to do for the school.
So here are pictures.

I had to create a full look of a person & theme was Flooding 
These photos are taken one week before exam at my apartment.
Photographer : Jānis Luste www.lustefoto.tk
make up, hair, ands style : me and dress is all handmade by me

& These photos are taken by me after exam at school.

Last photo taken with my camera by my classmate :) 

This Last Photo taken by photographer O.Leontjev
                        And theme for the other girls look was Earthquake

Hope u like the look i made cause i think i did quite well ;) 

Next post will be about 
Maybelline - "Fit Me" Foundation

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