17. april!

 Yesterday i had to do my make up in 15 minutes.
An this was i came up with. 
Easy to do, hard to mess up.
I Went for a allure kind of make up with black pencil, dark brown and lighter brown eye shadows,
bronzer, little bit blush and nude lips with gloss.

Last week at school i lost my tweezers (MUFE) and yesterday i bought really cheap ones. 
And i guess there is a difference in tweezers and thats why there are different prices.
So i will get again MUFE , cause they work perfect. 
Maybe i am just used to those ones and these are not worse, but still i feel that i can't work with them as easy as with MUFE's ones.

Looks like this. 


and these are Cheap ones

So maybe i was just used to one tweezers for 4 years and out there in this big world there are plenty of good tweezers! If you know that there are - let me know! :)

Today is my Name day! So im going to celebrate :) as i soon have to leave the house- today again will be - 15min make up! 

Kisses :) L>

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