18. april

Hello, yesterday was my names celebration day. 

festive in Latvia ( and i think in some other countries as well)
So i went in the evening out to celebrate with few of my friends. 
Well, i was late again and i had to do my make up really fast.
So i did it again in 15 min. It is getting harder to do perfect make up on myself. 
harder to see whats wrong and where should i have to add or take of something.
This happens when you work too much & use on yourself just mascara. :D
But still... i think 15 min is really fast.

This is the make up 2 min after i finished.
 Pictures taken with my phone :)

And these are after almost 5 h and 2 bottles of wine :)

I really like to use brown colors together with browns and golds.
I feel that i have used to really light eye make up looks! 
Tomorrow i will do dark make up look. And it will take more than 15 minutes.

I Wish u loads of smiles and good vibes :)

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