Few days in Italy :)

This is my post about Me in Italy for my short vacation ;)
Last few days i spent in italy drinking perfect vine, eating seafood & just resting..

So we ( me & my boyfriend) started out in Milan... 
then went to Genova after went to Pisa, Florence, San Marino, Pescara & last day stayed in Fiumicino.
Total 5 and a half days :) 
This is a few pic of me in my trip ;)




OH my... i love italian ice-creams

& italian vine ;)

& Aperol Spritz

San marino - with pearl necklace 

This was my make up kit for these few days... 
I hate to do make up when i am traveling :(
cause there are just few hotels with good lightning in their bathrooms .

I took with me:
MUFE: face&body foundation nr 32
MAC skin finish bronzer : Give me sun!
Lancome - doll eyes mascara
Victorias secret Lip gloss: 
MUFE black eye pencil : 6k
MUFE waterproof lip pencil: 
MUFE: eye seal
& front cover pocket eyeshadow palette . 

As i am crazy about accessories - this is what i had with me :)

In  Fiumicino was a crazy wind and the waves in the sea were crazy!

My boyfriend got all wet trying to get some pics of this madness :D

And these last photos are from tomorrow. 12 of april 2012 when i was packing my bags to go home!

And the last thing i bought in italy was two big Bibles of Fashion. I guess i will read them till august when i will go to Milan :)

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