Testing "SLA" cosmetics make up

Hey All...
So on 5th of april i started to test SLA cosmetics! 


So i hadn't  worked before with  SLA cosmetics & really wanted to try it out.

This was my model.
Age 17. 

I Did her hairstyle with hair straightener.
After i did make up only with SLA make up
Used coral, brown and light pink colors to match her clothes.

So this look i made using SLA products.


Base- texture nice, smells nice, blends nice.. COOL!

Photo ready foundation - Not bad. The only thing i don't like about them - that there are just few tones and  it is hard to find a good match for people with lighter sikn tone.

Powder- Matt finish, light & does the job he has to do ;)

Sculpting kit amazing :)

Eye shadows: As i  used them for the first time i have to say that i didn't like the pigmentation - really bad - i had to use loads of product to get the coverage i wanted.

STAR powders : They always are good. From all brands some are better than others - but this is not bad at all.

  Mascara and Eyeliner black 

Mascara- i didn't like, Eyeliner- the brush is hard to operate with.
And when i wanted to ad a bit of black eye shadow on top- the liner started to separate and was coming off. 

Lipstick - many tones are nice, smells- as lipstick ( Not nice), coverage good, ( don't know about lasting - i have to ask my model)
On top i added Lipgloss clear - smelled so nice i wanted to eat it :) the consistence is perfect.

I will do more tests with this brand ( i didn't tried bronzers, concealers, nail polishes, and some other products)  but from this time i understood that it is not easy to do all make up with cosmetic from one brand. Some products are brilliant but some are less and those ones ( with name less) i really would love to substitute with products i love from other brands.

Have anyone tried out SLA Make up products?
And what do you think about it? 

This post started out crazy ( but now i prevented all mistakes and it looks almost perfect ) :)

Happy Easters to you all my dear! & Ciao from FIRENZE in Italy.

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  1. I love the way you have done her makeup! she looks so lovely in your photos,...