Green & brown eye make up


Yesterday i sooo wanted to do some make up & i did it on me & as well on my model.
So i was inspired by this kind picture i found on pinterest.com

This girl have an amazing eyes & eyebrows.

But i saw my model only when she came to me- so this was a bit bigger challenge !

I used from Make Up Forever:
HD foundation, Hd Powder, eye seal, lip pencil,
sculpting kit, blush, some eyeshadows & starpowders.
MAC bronzer, Artdeco eyeliner,
Orange lip gloss from Illamasqua
few eye shadows are from Clair's palette.
And even if u cant see there are artificial lashes in the outer corners.

Without Anything

With Foundation and powder

This is the eye make up i started with.. by my inspiration.

Then i thought that my model needs more color to her eyes and lips & i updated as well her hairstyle.

Hope You like ;) 
Thanks to my Model Krista Soste age 17

All photos taken by me.
Hairstyle, make up mine.
yellow flower & pearl earrings handmade by me ;)

Next Post about SLA cosmetic www.sergelouisalvarez.com.au/about.html

Hugs & loads of smiling faces :)

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  1. Linda Hallberg is amazing! She's my inspiration too.
    Great job, girl! (;