Maybelline "FIT ME" review


Today i THE day when i finally can tell my thoughts about Maybelline FIT ME foundation.

So the bottle is very nice. Design is clean and you don't have to hide it each time your friends come to your house.
This is a good day time foundation for a reasonable price.I have tried it out more than 5 times.
And the only thing that i don't like about it - is: when  i come home in the evening and i look in the mirror - it feels like there hasn't been anything on my face. 
The foundation after a long day (about 10h) is gone. The only way how u can see that there was something on your face  is only with white cotton pad and make up remover. (But maybe thats not a bad thing :) )
And as well i don't know how clean bottle can u get when the foundation runs out, cause sometimes with these pumps u loose loads of  foundation because you can't get it out of the bottle.

But still it is a really nice foundation. Light, blends well, smells nice, doesn't make my skin dryer and everyone can find the perfect fit foundation.

This is what i got from Maybelline Latvia.
The only thing i did't like was that i got the testers that are in shops- not the actual foundation bottle.
But they aded calendar for 2012, and 2 photo cards.

So here are 2 make ups i did with Fit me foundation.
I got the medium colors. 220, 225,235 & 250.
220 was to dark for me when i first tried it out cause i was pale. :D
Then few times i got artificial sun :D & then 220 was good ;)
today i already use 225 :)

Without foundation

 With foundation

With make up ;) Ver very simple
Earrings and hair band handmade by me

And today... 

Without foundation

 with foundation

 With foundation and make up
Today i did mint + brown make up

Blouse: Zara

Hope u like this post.  
Enjoy Using  "FIT ME" ( U )

Till Soon! 
Hugs and  i wish u a fantastic day!

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