Todays shopping

Tomorrow i have a long working day, 
And i saw that my MUFE HD powder is almost empty. So i ran to MUFE store today & i bought HD powder, eyeshadows nr. 129 with a slight hint of shine.
& while taking out of a plastic box - i smashed them.. (not on purpose) 
Now i will show how i fixed them.

when Ups happened. 

crush eyeshadows 

Spray with alcohol ( i used vodka)

press with tissue ( & leave to dry out the alcohol) 
Next day everything is back to normal- nothing changes :) just that the eyeshadows look a bit more sad.

Then i bought as well face&body sponge from MUFE. & 2 lipgloss from Essence to try out this brand, cause too many bloggers in LV are writing about them :)
I bought pure chick ( no color- transparent) & Nude Candy nr.19 (light pink)
& last one i bought was MaxFactor kohl pencil 010 white. I have to use loads of white pencil for my competitions make up and MUFE is too expensive to use it when i am just training. 

MUFE Hd powder is amazing! i had bought it for more than 7 times. And i wont stop using it!

 These 4 things i have for the first time.

& the last thing i bought was a new hairdryer ( i forgot my old one and good one at one SPA place) 

So i went for Parlux 3200 Ceramic & Ionic edition.
( my sisters husband is a hairdresser and he has worked with these Italian design hairdryers for over 10 years. he said that he had 2 of them in this time. They are comfortable and long lasting :) 

Hope that all my purchases will work good and i wont be disappointed.

Happy tomorrow :) 
Hope that something from this was useful :) 

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