Hair & make up for Prom

Today i will show a what hairstyle and make up i did  for graduating school or simply for celebrations.

For make up i used MUFE HD foundation,
MUFE HD Powder.
For eyes i used Mica Bella & Jeans eyeshadows.
Used brown, pink, and golden colors.
Blush from Mica Bella
and for lips i used Essence lipgloss - ( clear color ) mixed with Mica Bella mineral powder in light pink.

here without make up and the first version of a hairstyle :)

 this is firs version of a hairstyle .

 Here with a make up :)

 And the final version of the hairstyle. I like it a lot.

 Here is my model out side in a warm and sunny day :)

Then again some pictures how i fixed my Max Factors pressed powder.

Wish you an Amazing day!

2 komentāri:

  1. Es pat nezināju, ka tāda veidā var "salabot" pūderi!

    Ļoti, ļoti skaists grims meitenei.:)

    1. Iepriekšējā ierakstā ir soli pa solim kā salabot produktus un kas ir jāizmanto ;) Paldies un prieks ka patīk grims :)