Intelligent Beauty congress

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Last Sunday i had a long day studying from 2 amazing and experienced Make up Artists.
One was Una Bernatoviča ( Latvija)
Second was Nina Gorlushko ( Russia)

Una Bernatoviča ( www.unastils.lv)  was learning everything about colors. How to choose, how to mix and match them in make up. How to use colors to mask pimples, bruises, under eye circles. 
which colors will highlight the color of each eye colors. 
after this - she showed 2 make up technics using define lines.

Some of Unas Bernatovičas works

Nina Gorlushko was telling about Make up artists job, were can we work and what is the difference between Salon job and working for Shoots.  What you have to do when you work alone and what when you work in a team. 
Then she told about the newest make up trends.  That now the darkest place is not the outer corner of the eye but the inner corner - closer to the nose.
She showed demonstrations how to create glossy or glowing skin for magazine cover.
How to create trendy eye make up
How to get glossy eye make up
And special effects for photo shoots.

First is new trend eye make up for magazine

 Glossy eye for magazine or shoot. Not all day long lasting look.
 Special effect make up for adverts

 Airbrush technics with stencils.

After demonstration she told where can we look for inspiration.
And what can we use to create interesting works. 
She told that if we want to know what is in top at the moment we have to read and look only in magazines like "Vogue Italia" www.vogue.it ( Not British or Russia) , 
second was - "TUSH" http://whatmagazine.de/
And as well "Numero" http://www.numero-magazine.com/

Here are some Ninas Gorlushko works 

This day was amazing. This was so useful information what she gave. 
I would love to go to international stylists congress in Greece (Rhodes) 01.07.12- 08.07.12 but it's way too expencive for me. For participants from latvia cost is 1200 euros  ( includes hotel, breakfast and 6day courses with  best artists from the world. If someone is interested going there just
 write ninonim@mail.ru

Hope you liked this post :) 
Wish u a perfect day ;)

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