Extravagant Bride competiotion- Baltic Expo beauty 2012

Today was another amazing day!
Got my second cup this year :) now i have them in total 3 :)
Today was a stylists competition- i worked in a team with my friend and a classmate Marta.

we got 4th place 
Not bad - could be better. But at least- everything was our own idea and we did all on our own :)

better pictures soon ;)

but now a small sneak a peak :)

Our Model and Latvian Singer Anita

My friend and team partner Marta with pure pigments she just bought

Before they were given away

Thats Us getting diploma for participating 

This is us getting Cups!

Very happy

From the right first, second, third place and us - 4th place


These were the gifts i Got - I think i will have to do loads of posts about them.

And two from the right are my new Cups from these past 2 days :)
Proud and happy!

Hope that very soon will update with more pictures from today and with pictures from the day before :)
wish You a nice Weekend :)
with Love 


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